About Me


Some Things About Me
  • My Pen Name is Marie Drake because my maiden name is Drake and my mom calls me Marie.

  • My early love of drawing combined with my addiction to crochet lead to my designing crochet patterns. I have an online business where I sell patterns I have designed, Superlative Stitchery   I also sell many of the things I have crocheted , jewelry, clothing, afghans and other things. 

  • I am a serious baker. I sell my cookies, fudge, cakes, and other pastries and confections locally. They are quite famous around here, even if only for a hundred miles.

  • I am a woman of many interests and maybe talents, but the most important job I have ever done has been raising children. The part I have played in my children's lives, the children I cared for in daycare, and the children we fostered in our home will forever be my greatest and proudest accomplishment.

   I live in a small town near Lake Ontario with my husband, and our four boys. It is a wonderful place to be. Sunsets on the lake are inspiring. My first love has always been my family and children. I ran my own home daycare for over 10 years, and then my husband and I dedicated ourselves to being foster parents. We fostered 15 children over 5 years.
  I write for me. I am passionate about it. I write because I love the way it makes me feel. I write because seeing what is on my mind spilling out on paper feeds my soul. Life is good, and a good story makes life better.


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